Advocacy is defined as seeking to ensure that people, particularly those who are most vulnerable in society, are able to: have their voice heard on issues that are important to them, defend and safeguard their rights, have their views and wishes genuinely considered when decisions are being made about their lives

These are the services that have to be changed. 


The Advocacy Group considers family education a critical and essential component of recovery. We acknowledge that the family members of those struggling have been subjected to pain, frustration, powerlessness and life disruption long before you sought help today.

It is our commitment to you through our Coaching, Core Management and Advocacy services to invite you to release yourself from all that you cannot control and take the power back where you can.

We, as your Advocates, will design a Recovery Plan of education, awareness, and support services for you that is infused with hope and healing.

We believe that recovery is possible for all – especially you – the family.

We know that addiction is a family disease and that recovery is possible for all – especially you – the family.


Core Management is the process by which we monitor and coordinate all facets of your loved one’s Recovery Plan.

Core Management is the culmination of all assessments and evaluations as interpreted by the Team thereby guiding the trajectory of your loved one’s comprehensive healthcare needs. The Recovery Plan details the specific resources required and the means as well as those resources that will be provided to them on a daily basis.

The management of the Recovery Plan is focused on improving your loved one’s mental, physical and spiritual health as well as promoting wellness. Our goal as Advocates is the autonomy of our client which is achieved through communication, family-education, specific service resources, and proper facilitation of said services.



INTERVENTION IS DEFINED as the act of interfering with the outcome or course especially of a condition or process (as to prevent harm or improve functioning). In the world of recovery, an intervention is a carefully planned process by which friends and family of an addict may confront that person about their addiction.

The Advocacy Group defines intervention as above with the inclusion of any struggle impeding your loved one’s ability to live their best life. Our team of professionals, led by Candy Finnigan whose work in the field of recovery is unparalleled. The intervention begins with family education and support. We integrate you, the loved ones into the process of your own recovery. We strive to infuse hope and solutions where there currently may be none.


Transportation is a pivotal and critical part of the intervention process.  Our seasoned team understands the difficulties that can arise during this delicate transition. It is the responsibility of the Advocate to assist your loved one in the shift from the identified patient to the individual choosing to walk through the doors of the treatment program. This is an incredibly valuable time and we consider it our honor to assist in the process. We will keep you updated throughout their journey and remain on site until they are admitted. Case Management and Companion Services are available.

Transportation services are also available for your loved one to and from work, appointments, family sessions and any event that the team deems that added support would be beneficial.



A companion in the simplest terms is defined as: one who serves as a friend or partner in something. Whether it’s travel or dinner, your companion is the one who does it with you. Merriam Webster

The Advocacy Group respects the necessity of such a person in the life of someone new to recovery. The stakes are clearly much higher than travel or dinner. We understand that the steps required for a life of recovery can emotionally paralyze the most accomplished of individuals. We design an individualized Recovery Plan for your loved one which is the daily guide from which their Companion works.

The Advocacy Companion is not a babysitter or a shadow for your loved one. We, by nature of our name and mission, are their Advocates in this life. The goal is to move them forward to transition to a life of self-sufficiency and success.

The Advocacy companions meet strict guidelines before working with your loved one. Our companions are screened and cleared as well as CPR, First Aid, and Narcan trained. The Advocates are trained in the art of crisis intervention and de-escalation with client care and safety at the forefront of all they do.

Mental health companions are trained professionals who are educated in the addiction and recovery field and have proven track records of success in their profession.  TAG companions work around the clock with your loved one to monitor safety and good decision-making, assist with daily living skills, including work, school and all other commitments.  Companions also provide support and guidance for a healthy return to community life, sound boundary setting and management, and establishing reasonable goals.  Companions also ensure that prescribed medications are taken correctly.


The Advocacy Coaches are compassionate and accomplished individuals who offer guidance, support and a path to freedom from the challenges your loved one is facing. The range and scope of our experts is vast from the vocational to the daily challenges of living sober.


The Advocacy Group is acutely aware that many individuals arrive to recovery with unfinished business in the legal realm. The Advocates are trained court liaisons providing the emotional support as well as transportation to all proceedings and appointments. The Team offers no legal advice; that is not our role. We are here to help your loved one process the wreckage of their past and turn it into the strength of their future.
The Advocacy Group believes that there is no problem without an avenue for solution. There is nothing our clients will have to face alone.